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Capcom Fighting Tribute!!!

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Saludos, Capcom ya nos permitió publicar nuestras imágenes para su nuevo libro dedicado a sus juegos de peleas, ya tenía muchas granas de hacer algo con Poison pero también decidi espolear un poco sobre algunos personajes no tan conocidos o populares. 

Espero que les agrade esta pieza y tengo permitido vender cierta cantidad de prints de esta imagen, para mas info dejen un mensaje aquí o en mi correo camberosben@gmail.com 😎

Gracias y Saludos. 


Greetings, Capcom has finally permited us to publish our art for the Capcom Fighting Fribute book.

I've been wanting to do a Poison piece for some time now, but i also decided to explore other characters not as popular or known. 

Hope you like my piece and if you are interested i have permision to sell a certain quantity of prints. , for more info please leave a msg here o at my email camberosben@gmail.com. 😎


- Capcom Fighting Tribute will premiere with a limited-run convention edition hardcover at San Diego Comic-Con, July 9-12http://www.udonentertainment.com/blog/news/round-1-of-udons-san-diego-comic-con-exclusives

- The standard edition of Capcom Fighting Tribute will be released September 2015. Links to pre-order the book at a variety of online retailers can be found here: http://www.udonentertainment.com/blog/product/capcom-fighting-tribute

Thanks everyone for any help you can provide promoting the book's release!

Poison from Final Fight series , June from Star Gladiators and Rouge from Power Stone

Poison from Final Fight series , June from Star Gladiators and Rouge from Power Stone

Kick ass Cover of the book 😎 

Kick ass Cover of the book 😎