Hello, im Ben.

Hello, Im Ben Camberos...

I'm a professional illustrator and character designer from Mexico. As a little boy I liked to draw and watch anime, Saturday mornings cartoons, comics and manga; since then I knew I wanted to be part of it.

I have worked for Giant/Obey, created promotional illustrations for several rock bands including Metallica, Limp Bizkit and more. I have done character design for Animex Studio, illustrations for Fanatic Studios in India, video game illustrations for Purrrfect Entertainment in Australia, character design for CZ studio, illustration for Whoopla in L.A. and many different clients as a freelancer.

I was one of 100 international illustrators selected to be featured in the Capcom and Udon's Street Fighter Tribute art book, and was also selected for Capcom's Megaman Tribute art book. My work has been featured in several illustration expos around the world such as Spain, Australia, NYC and Mexico City.