Hello, im Ben.

Harem House 01: Misty

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Hello guys, i bring to you a new project, Harem time series, im gonna do x rated versions of cartoon characters, video game characters, anime characters, comic book characters and such, this is my first entry, hope you guys like and please let me know what characters would you like to see next :)


Random sketches 01 Season 2

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Greetings :) a few years back i startyed to upload some sketches i did on a daily basis, but eventually i got tired, i noticed that since then i stoped doing sketches that often, so im gonna start doing them again, so i dont get rusty, enjoy :)


Wolf Queen

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Hello guys, what did you think about that GOT finale? hope you had a great time all this years, I really enjoyed it and i liked Jon and arya’s finale, I always thought Sansa would be the winner but yeah, well I guess she won something, she’s now queen of the north.  I started this character before the final episode, so yeah, here you go :p


Busy busy busy!!

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Sorry guys for not posting lately, been very busy with work, since I can’t be able to finish full illustrations,  I’ll be posting sketches and hopefully I’ll be able to publish new illustrations soon, got a few new ideas that I hope you like, in the mean time here are some sketches I did this past April :) enjoy


Happy Easter 2019

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Hello, just passing  by to wish you a happy Easter, also today is a special day, my birthday so that’s why I did myself a little present, this sexy Easter bunny color sketch based on my fav muse ;) thanks for everything :)


New job setup and first companions

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Hello guys, I’m very happy to share with you my new workspace, things are looking great, I work with great people, very talented and hardworking. Check out my new setup, I brought 2 of my fav artists with me today for this new stage, Fafi and Tokidoki. ok, well, let’s get busy :)