Hello, im Ben.

John 'The Hangman' Ruth

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When the handbill says "dead or alive", the rest of us just shoot you in the back from up on top a perch somewhere and bring you in dead over a saddle. But when John Ruth the Hangman catches you, you don't die from no bullet in the back. When the Hangman catches you... You hang!


Best Cosplay of SDCC

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Didn’t see much cosplayers this year, but by far this one took the show for me, i love strong women (physically and mentally) also i love Goku, so… yeah.

stay tuned for the rest of the sdcc2019 photo set :)


Harem House 01: Misty

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Hello guys, i bring to you a new project, Harem time series, im gonna do x rated versions of cartoon characters, video game characters, anime characters, comic book characters and such, this is my first entry, hope you guys like and please let me know what characters would you like to see next :)


Random sketches 01 Season 2

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Greetings :) a few years back i startyed to upload some sketches i did on a daily basis, but eventually i got tired, i noticed that since then i stoped doing sketches that often, so im gonna start doing them again, so i dont get rusty, enjoy :)