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The hero

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 "Nameless" from the movie Hero, one of the most inspiring movies I ever seen, great message and wonderful technical work on the whole movie :)

go check it out


Random sketches 147

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Hello, how you all doing? :) I'm just passing by to drop som the new sketches, remember that I'm still doing portraits at cheap prices :) 

feel free to ask, in the mean time check out this sketches and the image references bellow ;) 

cheers :) 


El Bad hombre

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This is from a sketch I did for Jorge for his bday, hope you like it with colors, now I have the idea of portraying my fav artists friends, and people I admire, who will be next? ;) 

enjoy :) 


The Hero

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Does someone remembers the movie "Hero" starring Jet LI? 

its one of the most beautiful movie ever made, go check it out.

in the mean time this is my take on "Nameless"  (Jet Li's character)

just a preview ;) 

oh by the way, there's a fight between Jet LI and Donnie Yen ;) 

interested now? 


Gogo Yubari

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had a little trouble figuring out what female movie character to done to, I have a lot of favs 

but since I've never done anything from kill bill (I think) Gogo was a good option, enjoy ;) 


Random sketches 143

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Hello guys, today I deciced to,share with you some tribute sketches from 3 very talented Mexican artists :) go check them out :) 

01- Dia Pacheco

02- Jose Garcia

03- Choper Nawers

check out the Image references bellow :) 

01- Día Pacheco

01- Día Pacheco

02- José García 

02- José García 

03- Choper Nawers

03- Choper Nawers