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Hello :) hope you're having a great week, let me share with you some of my new sketches :) stay tuned for more updates on my blog :) please share your thoughts with me :)

01- Emma stone portrait.

02- Japanese Pornstar Marica Hase.

03- The red tornado, Zangief.

image reference bellow ;) 



The godDamn Batman!!!

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Hello, happy Friday, here's a Batman I did for my project 100 random characters :p

just want to add that batman is my fav DC character, it's because he's all human and he's as crazy as the villains he fight :p well, hope you like this piece and have a great weeke end :) 


The Jorge Gutiérrez and Sandra Equihua show

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I just came back from Jorge and Sandra's conference Animation Machine, if you live under a rock this past 10 years, they are the creators of el Tigre from Nickelodeon and the book of life. Right now im hyped, this is what happens when I see a documentary, conference or anything related on how people made it or how are they making it in their life passions :)

gonna share with you some pictures, the last one I'm very proud of ;)


I was Jorge and Sandra's sutudent back in the day, because of them I do what I do :') 

Random sketches 131

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Hello guys, happy Monday, hope your doin well, here are today's sketches.

as you can see, I just saw Logan this weekend, I really liked it, I think is the best XMen film and probably one of my top 5 superhero movies, gonna have to rearrange the order :p

check out this sketches and hope you like em. 

01- Logan

02- Laura AKA X-23

03- Brienne of Thart




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Hello guys, check out my ver. Of Kaneda, ones of the best anime/manga characters of all time. 

one of the first animes I ever saw, it blew me away. 

let me know your comments ;) 

have a great weekend. 


Dragón Quest V

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A little tribute to one of my fav video games, there are a bunch of characters I would love to do from this series, I did the one it came I'm mind first.  

If you haven't played this games, give them a try, classic RPG fun :) 


Random sketches 129

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Hello guy, house you had a great weekend :) I sure did ;) 

went to see one of my fav bands...the shins, lovely  company, good beers and great music :)

anyways, here are some new sketches for you :) hope you enjoy them and have a great Monday :) 

01- Shimapan bikini girl

02- The goddamm Batman

03- crazy random girl